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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yumei Callahan and "Jungle Jack" Keller

The last two potential PCs for my Pulp Hero game, Yumei Callahan and "Jungle Jack" Keller, after the jump. By the way, we've now had volunteers on both of these two (practically sight unseen), Delaney Fist, and Lady Evelyn, so those are the PCs (plus the other player with his own PC, if he gives me a background).

Yumei Callahan: The daughter of an Irish cop and a Chinese beauty, Yumei grew up just outside of San Francisco's Chinatown, never fully comfortable with people from either of his parents' cultures. An uncle somewhat reluctantly schooled Yumei in the art of kung fu, warming to her somewhat when she seemed to develop a strong talent for it, and in particular a strong awareness of what was going on around her at all times. Yumei is quite observant and has a sort of gut feeling about mystical matters. Although she is a strong enough fighter to handle just about anyone, she tends to be extraordinarily polite even to her opponents, at least until combat proves necessary. Yumei was on Lombard Street walking home from a shopping trip when she caught sight of Bessie McCaffrey (rich daughter of Morgan McCaffrey, who is hosting the party on the RMS Melpomene) driving by in a convertible. Miss McCaffrey was wearing the famed Dragon Eye Emerald on a necklace. The gem filled Yumei with dread and danger, convincing her that it was cursed. Feeling that she must do what she could to help protect McCaffrey and others from the gem's power, she took a last-minute job as waitress on the ship, hoping to find an opportunity to get close enough to McCaffrey to warn her about the gem.

Signature quote: "The bamboo bends before a mighty storm. But the bamboo may break stone if applied with the proper force."

Character traits: Martial artist, half Chinese, mysterious, brave, mystical, polite, fish out of water.

"Jungle Jack" Keller: A crime boss with operations across the globe, especially at the edges of civilization, "Jungle Jack" Keller was a force to be reckoned with--smuggler extraordinaire, dangerous bandit, stealer of antiquities. Then his organization was attacked simultaneously from two sides: by Li-Ming Jade, the "Pirate Queen of the South China Sea" in the East and by Al Capone in the United States. That sudden loss of control cost him everything, as even his men in Europe, India, and Africa went rogue. Now on his own for the first time in years, Jack is looking to build a new empire. And the Dragon Eye Emerald might be a great start, if he can only manage to glaum it from the McCaffery family. He's disguised himself as a sailor and made his way onto the RMS Melpomene.

"Jungle Jack's" real first name is Dieter, but he chose the name Jack for himself and that grew into Jungle Jack because of his many forays into the frontier. He's originally from Chicago, but has come to San Francisco with his last stash of dough. His organization might be gone, but he's still connected around the world. "Jungle Jack's" world and his position in it have changed substantially lately. It's possible there's a chance for redemption for him. But only a chance.

Signature quote: "Zulus, Yanomamos, Formosans, Eskimoes, or palookas from Gary, Indiana. They all fall in line as soon as they see a roscoe pointed at their kissers."

Character traits: Smuggler, crook, explorer, thief, contacts around the world, knows the jungle, blackheart with some small hope of redemption.

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