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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I went to ConDFW on Saturday (just a short drive from my house) to celebrate the publication of Last Dragon by fellow Discoveries imprint writer J.M. McDermott. It was really one of my first opportunities to go "behind the scenes" as a professional writer and meet other authors and sci-fi pros, including Rachel Caine, Chris Roberson and several others. It was also my first opportunity to meet Joe McDermott in person, which was a blast--he's a heck of a nice guy and a savvy marketer. Just about everyone I met seemed nice, really.

I received a casual invite to be a panelist at FenCon; I hope that that turns into a firm appearance. It's eye-opening to watch other writers at work promoting their books in different ways, networking, supporting each other. I was able to spread the word about Devil's Cape and pass out a few copies. Promoting myself isn't exactly second nature to me. It makes me a little uncomfortable, like I need to step past some shyness. More than once on Saturday, Joe reached out to tug a copy of Devil's Cape from under my arm to get me to show it to someone--this at his own party. But I'll learn.

Nothing too profound to say here, but it was a good experience. I hope to see some of the same faces again and look forward to similar experiences.


Charles said...

Good luck with the FenCon panel!

Before I interviewed you, I thought you were part of the Texan SF&F writing mafia or something ('cause there's a lot of good Texan authors out there).

McDermott's a swell guy.

As for promoting books, well, at the end of the day, if you don't plug them, few people will (remind me to plug it in my blog a week before its release date).

J M McDermott said...

I hope everyone had as much fun at the party as I did!

Great meeting you, too, Rob.

Your invite to FenCon is totally real, as casual as the invite seemed. Tim was serious, and you are definitely most welcome to come and sit on panels.

Speaking of nice guys, Jay Lake will be the guest of honor at FenCon. (How can anyone who looks like a mad scientist Santa Claus be not nice? He'd have to shave his goatee if he wasn't nice!)