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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Images from my hard drive

This kind of post seems fun on other blogs, so I thought I'd try it myself. Here are some images I've saved over the years, but haven't ended up blogging about yet.

I liked some parts of 52 better than others, but you can't get much cooler than Dr. Magnus firing tiny Metal Men bullets.

I've got more after the jump.

Here's a demented Mickey Mouse image. I've go no idea where I found this. It's a little unsettling, to be honest with you.

Chill's Isle of the Dead module was one of my favorites of all time. The carnival atmosphere was a blast (and probably one of the many reasons why a carnival plays a role in Devil's Cape) and the adventure just had a lot of fun elements. I ran this one in high school and I remember my players screaming "fear check!" every time they met something creepy.

This Rorschach image is pretty cool.

Here's an image of Doctor Arcane from the Champions adventure The Coriolis Effect. Pencils and inks by Glenn Johnson, colors by me (with Pentels in the module itself) at a much younger age.

Halftrack from the great Storn Cook. Halftrack was an NPC in the Global Guardians universe.

I support Heroes.

Superman told Obama if he held the pose long enough, he'd get the Kryptonian endorsement.

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