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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breaking news: Champions Online

I just noticed this on the Hero Games site, the announcement that there will be a Champions Online game from Cryptic Studios (who created City of Heroes).

Here's the info:

We’ve interrupted our regularly-scheduled programming for this special Monday news announcement! Hero Games and Cryptic Studios are proud to announce that they recently concluded a deal for Cryptic to create the Champions Online Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game!

The basics of the deal are this. Cryptic has bought the Champions and Dark Champions intellectual property from us — the characters, places, events, and so on — and licensed back to us the right to produce Champions RPG books. Cryptic has not bought the HERO System rules, and the Champions Online MMO will not use the HERO System rules for character creation or anything else (though it may use a lot of HERO System terminology). You can read more official information, including the press release, on the “Champions Online MMO” forum of our Discussion Boards. The first post on that board includes a link to the new webpage for the MMO. We hope all you HERO/Champions fans out there are as excited as we are about this, and we look forward to seeing you in the world of Champions Online!
Check out more detail at the Hero Games site or the new Champions Online site. I've stayed away from MMORPGs up until this point, but this might draw me in.

On the positive side, it seems like a cool game. On the negative side, it seems like the Champions Universe as we know it is likely to be completely dominated by this.

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