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Friday, February 22, 2008

Delaney Fist and Jimmy Lincoln

Two more potential PCs for the pulp game, Delaney Fist and Jimmy Lincoln.

Delaney is cribbed off a PC from the JI games I played at GenCon. Jimmy's new.

Read them after the jump.

Delaney Fist: A big, strong guy with an ugly mug, Delaney Fist is rich as Croesus, the favored son of the Fist family of shipping magnates. What he lacks in looks, Delaney makes up for in style: he's suave and upper crust, at home with fine champagne and monkey suits, but just as comfortable in a seedy dive with a mug of beer. Delaney has a long fuse, but when he finally does get mad, the explosion can be debilitating to any thugs around him. Delaney is good in a fight, having some experience in the sweet science (boxing). But his big fists don't seem to mesh well with gunplay. He was invited to the party on the RMS Melpomene as a matter of course and decided to attend on a whim.

Signature quote: "Break it up. You goons had better clear out before I play you some chin music."

Character traits: Rich, big, ugly, boxer, suave, fast driver, well-connected, bad shot, even-tempered.

Jimmy Lincoln: Eleven-year-old Jimmy Lincoln sells copies of the San Francisco Chronicle and packs of Lucky Strikes just off Powell Street in the Tenderloin. His great grandfather was a freed slave who named himself after the Great Emancipator and then set off for the Wild West. Jimmy ostensibly lives in an orphanage, but spends a lot of time in the streets hustling his papers and cigarettes and saving up his dough for a big break. An affable, street-tough kid, Jimmy makes friends easily and is a consummate salesman. Wherever he goes, he seems to connect well with other kids, especially other newsboys. Jimmy's quick thinking and quick feet help to get him out of a lot of jams. On the day of the party on the RMS Melpomene, a strange-looking goon swiped Jimmy's morning take and kicked his pile of papers into the gutter. Jimmy gave chase and followed the guy to the ship, stowing aboard to try to figure out how to get his cabbage back and seek his revenge.

Signature quote: "Hey, mister! You don't want to go through the day without reading the tips on the ponies on page three!"

Character traits: Newsboy, fast talker, smart, kid, lucky, quick, tough.

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