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Monday, February 25, 2008

Medieval Times

Our family went to Medieval Times last night to celebrate a buddy's birthday. This is like the third time I've been there (once for my birthday, once for Alex's, and this time for my friend's) and I always enjoy the experience. This was Zack's first trip there, and even at age 3 he really seemed to take to the whole experience, enjoying the swordplay and the food and the spectacle. He compared the knights to Power Rangers, which I guess isn't much of a stretch, come to think of it.

The experience reminded me of an anecdote my father-in-law shared once. He teaches court reporting at a local school. One of his students, who worked at Medieval Times, came into class one day. "Mr. Don," he said, "I made knight!" And that was pretty much the last time he came to class.

I don't know--if I made knight, I might drop out of school, too.


Spork Boy said...

I've taken my daughter a couple of times. So far, the same script has been followed and the same knight as won. Time to switch the script, guys!

Spork Boy said...

I forgot to add that I totally love going. Hannah gets really into it and that makes the experience worth while.

Rob Rogers said...

Actually, the storyline was completely different last night than it had been before. I'm there less for the story than for the experience and the cool fights, but it was nice to see everything changed up.