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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flu! Flee!

Sometime late Friday night, "allergies" turned into full-blown flu and proceeded to smacking me around like a dragon turtle smacking around a level-one character.

In other words, I'm not quite myself. The good news is that I did get my flu shot this year. The bad news is that there's a strain going around DFW not quite covered by the flu shot. To use the doctor's colorful similes, full-blown flu would have felt like being run over by a truck. The flu shot makes it feel more like I was sideswiped.

Another piece of good news, though, is that I saw the doctor within 48 hours of the flu really hitting. That means I was in time to start a round of Tamiflu and have a good chance of it being effective, limiting the duration of the sickness. Rob's tip for the day: If you think you might have the flu, don't delay. Get to the doctor and ask for Tamiflu ASAP.

Anyway, I'm likely to be posting slowly for a couple of days.


Charles said...

Hope you recover soon!

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks, Charles!

The Acrobatic Flea said...

Take care! One of the "benefits" of my medical condition is free annual flu shots so, touch wood, I haven't been stricken for several years!