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Thursday, August 11, 2005

What's in this blog?

I was telling a coworker that I'd started a blog and he asked, quite legitimately, what kind of content I planned to have on it. My answer to him was fuzzy and I'm going to try to clarify things in my own mind with this post, as a kind of statement of purpose.

I'm sure that this site will evolve over time, but for now, I see it as a repository for a variety of comments on things that interest me. I might write about what I'm watching on TV, about books or comic books I'm reading, about role-playing games, about customer service, or about writing and editing.

For now at least, I will probably stay away from more inflammatory topics. I'm not likely to talk about my work much. Nor am I likely to talk about religion or politics. One of these days, I might venture onto that ground, but for now, I think I'd rather try to stick to debates about the virtues of Star Trek: Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica and when to use "which" and "that" rather getting caught up in the elephant/donkey theater.

One of my favorite blogs is Mark Evanier's News from ME site and I plan to take it as a model (with the exception that I'll veer away from politics for now). He writes about dozens of varying topics that interest him--the pioneers of the comic book industry, old game shows, Broadway, restaurants, the media, and even animals that visit his backyard. There's probably no one out there who's interested in all of the same topics he is (although, of course, he writes about most of them engagingly), but he's essentially writing for himself. He writes about what interests him and all of those things resonate with some of his readers. So I might be the only person in the world interested in play by e-mail role-playing games, Big Brother 6, snowmobiling, and copyediting, but when I write about those topics, I hope that at least some will resonate with people visiting the site.

Time will tell.

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