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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Things that drive me nuts about Big Brother

Okay. True confession time.

Dina and I watch Big Brother 6. I'm not particularly proud of it, but there you go. Like the other Big Brother shows (we've watched all except Big Brother 2), it's somewhat addictive--the shenanigans, the shifting alliances, the silly games, the attempts at surprises (this year, the "Summer of Surprises," has so far failed to surprise much). And it's something we watch and chat about together during the summer.

But there are things that drive me nuts about the damn show, too. For example:

  • Every time Julie Chen says the words "send shockwaves through the house."
  • Stupid nicknames (in this case, Eric being called "Cappy" all the time).
  • The way that players mangle the English language: "me and Kaysar have gotten to be good friends in the house" or "James and myself have formed an alliance." Argh!
  • The way that Julie Chen mangles the English language (although I guess I should blame her script writers). Folks, "they" is not a singular pronoun.
  • The way the show keeps trying to pretend that its secrets are still secrets. The players figured out the first week that they all had secret partners, but the game tried to milk it for weeks, acting as if the players should be surprised at this great secret they figured out early on. Or this week, when the "big reveal" is that one evicted player will return to the household. My dog Callie saw that one coming. Sigh.
Eh. I'll undoubtedly have more soon.

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Annesnothere said...

I... also... hate... the... English... language... mangling.

But what I hate worse is the dramatic pauses Julie Chen uses during the live shows. During the last one, the Chenbot seemed to almost be a caricature of herself.

It really seems like the producers of this show go out of their way to make it as cheesy as possible. They must think that the cheesiness makes it more enjoyable, because we're all already scornful of the stupid houseguests, and the fun of mocking the show must be why we watch.

Or... they're just... simply... stupid! Will it send shockwaves through the house? Houseguests, your answers?