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Friday, August 19, 2005

Character of the Week: Nordkapp Man

I've only got a few minutes to post, so I'll direct you to one of my favorite PCs, already housed on the Global Guardians site. I'll post his image here, though, too. A great amateur artist going by the handle Mangog on the Hero Games web site created his image for me. He drew both images and colored the one in the blue shirt; I colored the one in the orange shirt.

Here's an excerpt:

On March 15, 1964, a team of Norwegian geologists investigating a glacial fragment that had recently settled against a fjord on the North Cape of Norway, near the town of Nordkapp. They made a startling discovery, one of the most amazing archaeological finds of the twentieth century. Frozen in the fragment, perfectly preserved, they discovered a Neanderthal hunter. His pale skin was intact, his arms outstretched as if trying to catch himself. Wanting to preserve the specimen, they proceeded carefully, leaving the ice around his body. They’d all heard stories about wooly mammoths broken free from the ice, their bodies beginning to rot almost as soon as the air and the heat touched them. They wished to risk no such destruction of their Neanderthal, who they dubbed "the Nordkapp Man." Quickly, they contacted a team of archaeologists to help them preserve the body and study it properly. Late that evening, though, something rather amazing shook them up even more than their initial discover. Beneath the ice, the Nordkapp Man’s eyes opened.

To read the rest, click here.

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