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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Character of the Week: Small Wonder

Here's a fun character I created for the Hero City campaign I run in the Global Guardians PBeM game. He's already given the PCs some headaches and likely will return at some point to bedevil them. I enjoy him because he's cute and innocent-looking, cherubic, even. And he's always got a painted smile on his face. But he's as foul-mouthed, vicious, spiteful, and just plain evil-hearted as all get-out.

Here's an excerpt from his background:

On the beautiful July morning when the Hero City theme park was opening its gates to visitors for the first time, the technomancer Daemon of the squad of hackers and thieves called the Comets had one important job: to create distractions in all of the entertainment company's theme parks in the area. The distractions would help his team fulfill its real mission.

Daemon found himself on an air-conditioned boat ride through a world of small dolls, all moving to the sound of singing children. He rather liked the music, though he hated to admit it, and used his magically enhanced PDA to cast spells on literally dozens of the dolls via IR beams. He was confident that when the time came, they would do what he needed them to do.

Most of them would. One, however, reacted somewhat differently than expected. Not even it knows why. Perhaps the magical effect was enhanced somehow. Or perhaps a temperamental demon or poltergeist got caught up in the spell.

Whatever the reason, although dozens of the dolls became animated, one in particular was stronger, more intelligent, more aggressive, and more perverse than the rest. One of them became a free-willed powerhouse with a knack for destruction. One of them became Small Wonder.

You can read the rest here.


Spork Boy said...

We all know that the It's a Small World ride and corresponding song are evil. That's a fact. So now, you go and animate the little buggers, and have one of them run amok? That is soooo wrong. Evil, thy name is Small Wonder.

Rob Rogers said...

You know, the funny thing is that I love the It's a Small World ride. I find it very peaceful. But I still get a kick out of the evil Small Wonder. :)