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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Going mercenary

I'm experimenting with a couple of new things on this site. Specifically, I've added an Amazon.com search bar and a Google ad to the right navigation menu. For the most part, this is just me tinkering around, but both could, eventually, have some benefit for me. If visitors to the site click the Google ads often enough, I get a few cents. By the same note, if someone uses my web site to search for something on Amazon and buys it, I get a small percentage as a gift certificate.

Neither of these prospects has me rolling up my sleeves and reevaluating my economic future, but I'll be interested to see if anything comes of them. In particular, I'm planning to write occasional reviews of books I've read and to reference things I recommend. I can also provide appropriate links to those items, so if they interest you, and you care to buy them from Amazon, please do so from my site. I assure you that I won't oversell anything in the hopes of someone buying it. In fact, when I get a chance to write it, my first such review will probably be a pan.

I'll keep you posted on how these things work out. They're more an experiment for me than anything else.


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