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Sunday, August 07, 2005


With a little trepidation, I'm going to try out the comments feature for a while, just to see if I get feedback and, if so, what kind of feedback I get. Feel free to post as long as you're not flaming or here to be a troll. I haven't really told many people about this site yet, but have started including it in the footer of my e-mails from my gmail account, so I'm wondering if anyone will get curious and check it out. Time will tell.


Andrew Kaufmann said...

It's about time! I had wanted to leave some comments previously but was frustrated by my lack of ability to do so.

I have a feeling the feedback will be productive.

Rob Rogers said...

Time will tell, I suppose. I don't know that many people are reading this yet. Various blogs I've visited have varied between occasional polite discourse (like on your site) and sites where people seem to spend an awful lot of time posting there, occasionally in attempts just to get the blogger's goat. Peter David's web site (http://peterdavid.malibulist.com/) is an example of one that has way too many comments, to my mind. :)

Anyway, I'll test it out for a while and see if anyone expresses interest.

Andrew Kaufmann said...

I figured if I ever had that problem, I would just start modering posts, or set up a system where the first X posts from someone are moderated, and if they're not annoying, then you clear their moderation flag and their posts go up immediately. Something like that. But right now, my comments are about half and half from friends and from polite strangers. I've really enjoyed the comments on my site -- I've been lucky.

Annesnothere said...

Well, I'M not going to comment!

Annesnothere said...

No siree, no commenting from me!