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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Things that drive me nuts about Big Brother, part 2

In my earlier post about Big Brother, I forgot to mention a doozie: the fact that people in the house talk as though people who are voted out of the house are actually dead. This fluctuates for me between being melodramatic and being just plain creepy. Notice the lovely image of James at the left, munching down on the show's ubiquitous PB&J (I'd be screwed if I were on the show, by the way, as I can't stand peanut butter). His quote practically vibrates with melodrama. "You can't kill me!" Hello! Eviction from Big Brother does not equal death.

Still, I'm hoping that they resurrect Kaysar this week. :)

By the way, the "annekat is not here" blog (which I discovered after she posted a comment here--thanks for visiting!) has an interesting, if merciless, post about Julie Chen. I don't mind Julie as much as Anne apparently does, but she's not exactly the most scintillating host in reality TV history and it drives me nuts that her scripts are so repetitive, unoriginal, and wooden.

EDIT: Fixed spelling of Kaysar's name.

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Annesnothere said...

Thaks for linking to me! How neato! (I'm such a dork. Hee.)

Boy, you're right on the money about the househamsters describing eviction as if it's the same thing as death. That is creepy! They probably expect to see spectral Ashlea, etc. appear in the house some dark night. She "died" there, after all.

Fortunately, it's unlikely that Julie Chen will ever read my mean post about her, since she probably doesn't know how to use that Internet thing yet. That's a good thing, because I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.

She's probably a lovely person, deep down. I just have a really low tolerance for plastic, is all.

I think I'm oversensitized. You know, like when you just suddenly start getting hives from some product you used to use all the time. I think I've been watching too much TV.

Especially too much Big Brother.