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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I think I owe someone at The Suffolk Voice a cheeseburger


I was very pleased to see a positive review of Devil’s Cape in The Suffolk Voice a while back, but I was surprised and thrilled to get a shout-out in a Watchmen review. I’ve been flattered in the past when people reviewing Devil’s Cape have mentioned Watchmen, but to actually see someone comparing Watchmen to Devil’s Cape is very, very cool (and yes, I realize it’s mostly a matter of timing and referencing a previous article, but I’ll take my thrills where I can find them).

Here’s a quote:

The heroes of Watchmen have a lot in common with the heroes in Devil's Cape. They have no superpowers, they drink, they smoke, and some are mentally unstable but they are all vulnerable to things like bullets, knives, arc welders, cancer, age and nuclear weapons.

And go here for the full article.


Tim Knight said...

Bathe in the reflected glory, my friend! That's great - hopefully sell a few more copies off the back of that :)

But...er... don't the heroes in Devil's Cape have actual superpowers? Or do they just think they do ;-) ?

FWarlick said...

Well if BJ Swope recommends it, I will buy and read immediately!

Rob Rogers said...

FWarlick, Swope has excellent taste. :)

FWarlick said...

The book arrived today, and I am already engrossed!

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks, FWarlick. I'm very glad to hear that!