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Friday, March 06, 2009

Good news for fellow Top Chef fans


Good news, Top Chef fans, particularly Fabio fans. Fabio Viviani is getting his own show. Not a lot of detail yet, but there’s a bit more here. Dina and I found him charming. He could indeed, as he put it, sell “monkey ass on a clam shell.” Hoping for a fun show and some good recipes. I’d love to eat at his restaurant someday.

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Jeff Hebert said...

I hope for his premier he shows us how to make "Monkey Ass on a Clam Shell" because, frankly, I would totally serve that.

He was very charming, he'll make a great host.

Hey, maybe his first guest will be Stefan and THAT will be the monkey ass he's talking about!

Tim Knight said...

If you are looking for interesting cooking shows, the only one I watch over here is Heston Blumenthal Heston's Feasts.


This week he prepared a Victorian/Alice In Wonderland feast which had to be seen to be believed.

I hope the show makes its way to the US because it is incredible.

Flea said...

Sure you'd love to eat at his restaurant. Till he actually serves you Monkey Ass on the Half Shell. Then we'll see who's enjoying their meal, huh? ;)

Rob Rogers said...

Flea, in Fabio we trust. If he served me monkey as on the half shell, I'm sure it would be absolutely delicious monkey ass on the half shell.