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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Semi-Conscious: Driving in the Real World

Presented for your ironic amusement, this hip safety video features four diverse teen pals singing such classics as “Intersection,” “Pick Your Spot/Get Up to Speed/Go With the Flow” and “Stay Out of the No Zone.”

If you accidentally get one of these songs stuck in your head, I apologize. At least I didn’t point you at the Monchichi song. Oops.

As to why I’m watching a driving safety video on a Sunday evening? I plead the fifth.

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Jeff Hebert said...

I predict you are either a) having to pursue a driver's re-education course online to get a ticket off your record or a) you have a job interview coming up with a driving-related company. Or c) you're secretly in a boy band and are looking for material.

I really really hope it's not c.

Jeff Hebert said...

Also, I don't know my alphabets, so I put two "a" choices in there. Gotta love a good English degree.