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Monday, January 03, 2011

And now it’s a Nook book


So I let everyone know that Devil’s Cape is available on the Kindle and got a few questions about availability on the Nook (the Barnes and Noble e-reader). And I’m happy to report that it’s now available on the Nook also! You can check it out here.

As before, I always appreciate sales, but it’s also great just to have reviews on these sites. If you wouldn’t mind sharing info about the book through Facebook, a blog or whatever, I’d appreciate that, too.

By the way, if anyone has already purchased Devil’s Cape for the Nook, please drop me a line. It’s currently showing zero sales. That’s fine, since I’ve done zero promotion up until now, but if someone’s actually bought the thing already, I’d like to know if there’s some glitch in the reporting. Thanks.

Next planned post: Where’s the damn sequel, Rob?

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