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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Devil's Cape party

My lovely wife Dina was wonderful enough to throw me a party to celebrate the launch of Devil's Cape. It was a really great party--about 40 wonderful friends showed up and were supportive, we had some great food, we played superhero music, etc.

It was a great, memorable party.

Look to the left to see the awesome cake that Dina had made to celebrate the event. It was chocolate, of course, and it was really neat to see it.

A few quick hits:

  • I finally selected the music for the party and made a mix CD, but I'm not sure how many people really noticed it with all the party conversation. Highlights included Michael BublĂ©'s "Spider-Man," Queen's "Flash Gordon," Paul Anka's "Eye of the Tiger," and Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero."
  • I took a great picture of Dina using a blowdryer on some lettuce before the party, but she declined to let me post it.
  • It's odd, but touching, to be asked to autograph books in your own dining room.
  • Maggiano's Little Italy is awesome, including when catering.
  • I wish I had better pictures of everything. I was too overwhelmed and preoccupied to take particularly good pictures.
  • I'm already looking forward to the next book launch party. I'd better getting that sequel cranking along.

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