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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Devil's Cape mention in Shelf Awareness

This article at Shelf Awareness gives some background on the Wizards of the Coast Discoveries line and has some back story on how my book came to be published. The full article is worth a read, but here's the part specifically about Devil's Cape:

Devil's Cape by Rob Rogers, which originally was solicited by former executive editor Peter Asher. When cleaning out his office, Athans found the manuscript, read it, and "was hooked." Devil's Cape appears in April. Discoveries described it this way: "If New Orleans has earned its 'Sin City' nickname for its debauchery, then its nearby sister Devil's Cape has earned its 'Pirate Town' moniker for the violence and blatant corruption that have marred the city since its founding. In Devil's Cape, corruption and heroism walk hand in hand, and justice and mercy are paid for in blood. It is a city like no other."
I'm incredibly lucky first that Peter Archer ("Asher" is a typo in the article) liked the book and second that Phil Athans found it in Peter's office and rescued it.


Spork Boy said...

Is it freaking April yet?? I want my Devil's Cape! I like how your book got the largest word count. Sweet.

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks for the support, Spork Boy. :)