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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The new Cap?

This is quite possibly a hoax or something that will last an issue or two. But seeing as the idea of the Punisher as Captain America got my buddy Jeff so riled up, I figured I'd have fun posting the image. You can read a minor story on it here. Would it be terribly wrong for me to say that the picture is kind of cool, even if it does have that whole 90s vibe of big guns and oddly positioned ammunition, bandoliers, and pouches?

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Jeff Hebert said...

OK, yes, that's a cool illustration, I'll give you that. But there is only one word for the concept of the Punisher as Cap, and that word clearly is, "abomination".

I wish I were religious so I could declare this whole concept anathema and have some righteous beat-down on each issue as it hits the shelf. Sigh.