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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And the laugh riot that is Funky Winkerbean continues ... again

When I was a kid, a pipe burst in my closet and I got a lot of flooded stuff, including a box or so of comics. Shortly after Dina and I married, I had another leak of some sort that ruined another couple of comic boxes in our apartment.

Both of these occasions sucked. Ruined comics = bad times.

A whole store filled with ruined comics sounds absolutely terrible. Almost as terrible as the "keep my head above water" punchline.

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Jeff Hebert said...

Man, you're right, this is depressing stuff. Even if a comic strip isn't "funny", it's supposed to be entertaining. I don't really see what's entertaining about any of these recent Funky storylines, they're just depressing.

I think we need to all chip in and buy Tom Batiuk a night in Tijuana or something, that dude needs some joy in his life pronto.