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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Make it so. Or maybe not...

This image on the left isn't from a new Star Trek show. It's not from a movie. It's not from an attraction in Las Vegas.

No, this is some dude in his own apartment, which he has lovingly, painstakingly, and expensively designed to look like part of a Star Trek ship.

My initial reactions:

  • Hey, that's kind of cool.
  • That would get pretty old in about 15 minutes, and I like Trek a lot.
  • This guy is going to have serious trouble getting women (or men, as the case may be) to visit his transporter room. If you know what I mean.
  • What are his power bills like? How much time does he spend dusting those consoles?
  • Wouldn't you feel weird walking around that place in jeans? Of course, you'd feel pretty weird walking around in a Starfleet uniform, too. Except for you, Larry.
  • The article I linked to above refers to this as the guy's (Tony Alleyne's) "ultimate bachelor pad." Uh huh. It doesn't exactly go with Barry White, you know.
  • I can envision a really bad reality show where a dozen or so Trekkies have to live in this apartment together, and every week one of them is "fired out the photon tube" or "sent to the transporter room" or "put in a red shirt."


Jeff Hebert said...

Wow, that's ... what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yes, "pathetic", that's the word.

Seriously, good for this guy for knowing what he likes and pursuing it with monomaniacal, nigh-unbalanced singlemindedness. And come on, having sex is clearly overrated, this gentlemen seems no worse the wear for completely eliminating the possibility he will ever have it again.

On another note, did you hear that they're possibly casing the next Star Trek movie? Word is it's a prequel, with Matt Damon as Kirk, Gary Sinese as Bones, and Adrian Brodeur as Spock or somesuch. Might just be idle internet speculation, but kind of neat that at least someone out there is thinking about Trek again.

Rob Rogers said...

Jeff, yeah, I heard about that movie. I've got real mixed feelings about it. One possibility I heard is that it would be a sort of "reboot" of the Trek timeline, like the current Battlestar Galactica is. That would totally hack me off.

And I heard Ben Affleck as Mr. Spock. God help us.

Jeff Hebert said...

Affleck as Spock?! Oh my. Although that explains his incredibly wooden presentation at the Oscars, maybe he was just practicing his emotionlessness.

Of course, it's more likely that he just can't act, but that would be rude to mention.

I'd be interested to see a "reboot" type of Star Trek treatment, actually. It doesn't bother me too much when they do it with super-heroes -- Batman Dark Knight/Year One, Byrne's Superman, The Ultimates, etc. -- so I'd be willing to give such a project a chance. I do think the franchise has sort of run out of gas and needs something really new to get it ramped up again.

Computer Tech Chris said...

I could have sex in this flat, for sure. Lots and lots of sex, with a partner too. Seriously.

You guys are not thinking the part through. Did you never hear of role-play? Did you know there are plenty of girls who would love the space fantasy? Can you see two or three lovlies in the transporter room, doing some pole dancing?

Dudes, I would totally rent a place like this by the hour, I'd have chicks dying to try all the high tech "toys" I could use.

Wow. I want one.