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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sherlock Holmes in Devil’s Cape, part 1


I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but not on my blog, so it’s far past time to share a bit of exciting news.

My short story, “The Adventures of the Pirates of Devil’s Cape,” will be published in a new anthology coming out next month called The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The basic premise of the anthology is that it collects stories where Holmes encounters mysteries beyond the norm—fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

You can read more about the book on a special mini-site here, read a short interview with me about the story here or just straight out buy it here.

The editor of the anthology is John Joseph Adams, a very nice (and discriminating!) guy who has been responsible for several crackerjack anthologies lately including the captivating The Living Dead, which has been keeping me up nights of late.

Other authors include a few name you might have heard of, like Anne Perry, Sharyn McCrumb, Michael Moorcock, Laurie R. King, Neil Gaiman (!), and Stephen King!

Needless to say I’m very excited about the publication, and I think that readers of Devil’s Cape will want to read my story to see some of the city details I throw in there, and a familiar element or two, like the people the Holingbroke Psychological Institute was named for.

I’m a long-time Holmes fan, so it was a huge thrill writing the story and I’m looking forward to reading all the stories in the book.

My plan is to follow this post up in the next few days with another post or two giving a little more background on the writing process of the story, and maybe an excerpt.


Michael Cunningham said...

This is awesome. Congrats.

Gary said...

Congrats, Rob - my mate Tim Lebbon has a story in there as well so you're in good company!

Along with other lesser known authors like some guy called Stephen King, of course...

J m mcdermott said...

Great News!

Good job!

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks, guys!

Gary, I knew somehow that Tim had a story in there (I started following him on Twitter as a result), but didn't know you were mates. That's cool.

S Bates said...

Man, it must feel pretty exciting to have a story in a book along side well-known (and best selling!) folk like King, Gaiman and Moorcock.

It'll be interesting to see a Sherlock Holmes story set in Devil's Cape. Not two elements I expected to see together.

Oh and congratulations!

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks, Stephen!