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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awesome Bedlam images

I managed to win the HeroMachine caption contest for a thrilling second time (with a The Brave & The Bold joke—yay me)! The best part of winning isn’t gloating, though. It’s the image that Gentleman Jeff Hebert draws for you as a result.

Dr. Cain Ducett, also known as Bedlam, is one of my favorite characters from Devil’s Cape, so he was a natural choice for me to request as a character illustration. And Jeff, of course, did a wonderful job.

Check this out:

bedlam_hebertIncredible, yeah? Feels like he could jump off the page and kick your ass. And Jeff did a wonderful job of working with me to get an image very much like I pictured in my head.

Speaking of heads, here’s a close-up of Bedlam’s:

bedlam_headGives me chills and nightmares both.

Thanks, Jeff, for a terrific image. I’m going to have to see about getting this colored someday.



Michael Cunningham said...

That is a fantastic picture!

Gary said...

I agree - that's cool!

Flea said...

Ooo. That's definitely the stuff of nightmares. I don't picture well when I read, so I didn't have an image for Cain. Which, it turns out, was a good thing. Cool illustration.