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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Adventures in Tulsa

I had a great day-trip yesterday. The Ink Slingers, a very cool writers' group in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area, flew me up to Tulsa to attend one of their meetings. I got to spend some very enjoyable time talking to Travis, Heather, Flea, Eric, and Mark about the craft of writing, about how I managed to get published, about their own work, and more. It was a really nice experience that brought back memories of my graduate school days; it can be very energizing and inspiring to talk about writing with other writers, and this was a great group.

Lunch at Ted's Cafe Escondido was also excellent. More writing talk, this time with chips, queso, fajitas, and sopapillas. They know how to treat a guy.

Flea won the award for the second-weirdest request I've received in regard to author stuff. She wanted me to pose for pictures with her ceramic cows. (The weirdest was the lady who asked me to stomp on a book.) I think Flea must have taken several dozen pictures of me with those cows. But I kid--she was very hospitable and all of the Ink Slingers I met are like new friends. Flea blogged about the visit, so please read about that at her blog here (where she's giving away a copy of Devil's Cape to boot).

Thanks again to the Ink Slingers for a very nice visit.


imbeingheldhostage said...

oh, but you don't understand... those ceramic cows have a following and they're traveling the world! (they came to my blog here in England)
You lucky fellow getting to meet Fred and Bessie (and Flea!).

Flea said...

:) Thank YOU for coming to visit us all! It was a great time! Sorry I forgot to tell you that the cows are famous - not that it would have made a difference with the whole weird request thing.