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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Devil's Cape is "Book of the Month" at HeroPress

I was excited to see that Devil's Cape has been featured as the "Book of the Month" at Acrobatic Flea's HeroPress web site.

Here's an excerpt:
Rob Rogers' debut novel, the superhero/crime story Devil's Cape is simply phenomenal.

It's difficult to believe this is actually his first full-length piece of published writing as the story is told with the assured professionalism of an old pro.
Check out his full review here. And while you're there, browse around a bit. This is an excellent site with lots of discussion of gaming, sci-fi, and more. Thanks, Flea!


Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rob. Just sorry it took so long to get around to reviewing it!

Looking forward to the sequel, role-playing game, action figures, TV series etc etc :-)

Rob Rogers said...

You and me both, Flea. You and me both.