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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conan caption contest

Jolly Jeff Hebert of HeroMachine fame has an ongoing caption contest feature where he strips the dialogue from a panel of a comic book and then gets readers to submit funny text to insert. Much comedy ensues. I've entered a caption or two here or there, but I've never won the contest.

Until now.
And what better place and time than in a contest supported by another Jeff buddy of mine, the Evil DM?

Here's the link to the contest announcement. Be sure to check out both Jeffs' sites.

And I'm very psyched about my prize: a black and white drawing from Jeff Hebert. I'm thinking I'll ask him to draw a character from Devil's Cape: it's just a question of which one.


S Bates said...

Ask Jeff to draw the Behemoth. All those tattoos should keep him busy for a while. ;-)

My favourite character is Doctor Camelot but then, picture-wise, she's just your typical powered armour character. Perhaps Jeff could draw Bedlam because he's "different"?

evildm said...

Bedlam reminds me of DC's Man-bat.
I gotta go with Dr. Camelot