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Friday, February 23, 2007

And the laugh riot that is Funky Winkerbean continues

On the one hand, I salute Tom Batiuk's continued willingness to address real-life drama and pain head-on. On the other hand, I pretty much prefer to turn to the comics to escape depressing news. I've felt like poor Wally has had death's hand on his shoulder ever since he was called back into active duty, especially with the arrival of little Wally and all. When Tuesday's strip had him proposing that, instead of calling the baby "little Wally," they should call him "old, original Wally" and the baby "new, improved Wally," I had a feeling that they were leading up to a clearer distinction of "dead Wally" and "orphaned Wally" instead.

But I hope he pulls through.

And I'll be back to read the strip again tomorrow, which I guess is what Batiuk wants.

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