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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's on my wall

I know nothing about the cartoon Brewster Rockit, but it's run by the Dallas Morning News in its free Quick paper (and quite probably in the regular paper itself). One of the strips caught my eye and made me laugh, and I finally got around to clipping it out and sticking it on my wall. So I'll share it with you and point you over to the site where you can read more like it.


Spork Boy said...

Now that's a funny comic strip. It's not carried in the full vesion of The Dallas Morning News, which is a shame since it appears to be a great deal funnier than some it runs (*cough* Beattle Baily *cough*).

Anonymous said...

That is funny, but I have a question. What is it that guys find so funny about monkeys? I just don't get it.

Rob Rogers said...

What's NOT funny about monkeys? They run around naked covered in fur. They say things like "ook! ook!" They get to scratch themselves and others inappropriately in public. Awesome fun, monkeys.