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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cinerati has a nice new Devil’s Cape article

Christian Lindke was kind enough to write about the eBook release of Devil’s Cape as well as some of his take on the book. He also links to my interview on his Geekerati podcast. Check it out.



Clayton said...

I have a very simple question: Are you going to continue your "Devil's Cape" series of books? IE Is there going to be a sequal with more of Bedlam, Doctor Camelot, and Argonaut?

I just finished the Kindle version I got and I was very please with it. And I want more >.>

smcc said...

Just read the Cinerati blog posy, I'm listening to the podcast now, and I agree with Christian Lindke and Clayton: SEQUAL SEQUAL SEQUAL!

Thank you in advance. For the SEQUAL!

smcc said...

If I was going to write 'sequel' so many times in my last post, you'd think I could've taken the time to spell it correctly.