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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Come see me at Armadillocon

armadillocon I’ll be at Armadillocon (a Texas-based science fiction and fantasy convention) in Austin this weekend, so be sure to come by to see me. I’ll be around a bit Friday night and Sunday, but most of my activity (two panels, a reading, and a signing) will be on Saturday.

Follow these links for a programming schedule for the convention or for a grid of the schedule. I’ll be in the City Building panel at 11, I’ll give a reading at 3:30, I’ll be in the Let Me Look That Up panel (about research) at 4, and I’ll be autographing (and selling copies of Devil’s Cape) at 5. Other cool people like Chris Roberson, Matt Sturges, Joe R. Lansdale, A. Lee Martinez, Elizabeth Moon, and Josh Rountree will be there. It’ll be fun. Come check it out.

This year’s reading is likely going to be from a new project I’m working on that fans of Devil’s Cape should like, so there’s that.

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