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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Review at University City

Devil's Cape got a quick writeup at University City Review. It's in a list of several other quick-hit reviews, so I'll put the entire Devil's Cape part here (it contains some spoiler information):

Rob Rogers takes an odd look at superheroes in a parallel America in which superheroes are a normal part of the environment and have been since the Revolutionary War. In Devil's Cape (Wizards of the Coast), a corrupt town south of New Orleans, the criminal boss has invited the worst supervillains to town and when a team of superheroes flies in to capture them, they are murdered. It is up to the local heroes (a woman who is the third generation that fight inside a metal suit, two young men who were baptized in water with one hair of the golden fleece and who have superpowers, and a psychiatrist turned demon) to stop them. Yes, it's as much fun as it sounds, and I can only hope for a sequel.

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The Evil DM said...

Everyone expects a sequel Rob.
Get writing my man.