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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Renaissance wedding

Today was a fun experience. Our friend Erika (Dina's best friend's sister) and her now-hubbie Alan were married at the Scarborough Faire festival, in full garb (Renaissance-style clothing). It was a beautiful service and accented wonderfully by the costumes that Erika (a professional costume designer) created for the wedding party.

Alex, Zack, and I were dressed as knights (our costumes were store-bought and mail order, but well received) and had great fun.

More costumes after the jump.

Here are the bride and groom:

And our friend Larry in perfectly appropriate jester garb:

Wendell, the father of the bride, as a pirate:
And the brother and brother-in-law of the bride:

Great fun!


Frank Byrns said...

What sort of weapon are you wielding there, sir?

Rob Rogers said...

Oops. I was slow to respond, Frank. That's a spiked hammer. Plastic, of course, but quite menacing looking.