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Friday, March 31, 2006

Portello Numero 6: Blog Del Rob

Ever wanted to read my blog in Italian? Well, me, either. But it's kind of cool to see the translated version. Someone recently ran my site through a translator to read it in French. Oui, French! And that got me kind of curious as to how the site looked in other languages. As I'm not fluent in anything but English, I can't tell how good of a job the translators are doing, but it's kind of neat.

FYI: I tried to get Google to translate the French version back into English for me, but it told me "non!" I played around further and had Alta Vista's Babel Fish translate the French version back, and it kind of worked, but everything was pretty garbled. Not sure whether to blame Google or Alta Vista or myself for that one.

FYI, part two: Translating my site into redneck (the site's term, not mine) was kind of interesting, too.


Crazy Italian Chick said...

Molto interesante blog, Rob

Rob Rogers said...

Why, thanks, crazy Italian chick.