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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The sign on the lawn, part II

Well, hell. I'm not proud to be a Texan tonight. At least no one egged our house or tore our sign down. But this wasn't a vote for freedom, civil rights, or respect.


Spork Boy said...

Nothing like writing bigotry and discrimination into your state's constitution, eh?

Yes, the great state of Texas has spoken about it's "values":

"Texas is a huge conservative state and they've spoken on this issue," said Rep. Warren Chisum, the Pampa Republican who authored the amendment. "They're very family-oriented, and given the opportunity, they'll vote conservative. They still have a lot of moral values."

Since I voted against Prop 2, does this mean I'm not family oriented? Does this mean I have little to no moral values? Rhetoric like this further demonizes anybody who doesn't toe the line of the religious right. It's more of the same "us" verses "them" mentality than continues to divide this country. And it pisses me off.

Rob Rogers said...

Spork Boy:

You and me both, brother. You and me both.