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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How to be annoying at Monopoly

I got this link from another blog. A few of the items gave me a chuckle and I thought I'd pass it on. My personal route to being annoying at Monopoly is in arguing with others about what, if anything, should happen if you land in Free Parking. (I don't think you should get anything or, if you do, it should be $50. Others think that you should get all the money paid out through Chance or Community Chest, turning the Free Parking spot into a sort of lottery.)

While I'm talking about Monopoly, has anyone out there ever played the Monopoly Stock Exchange variant? I saw a card set around the time it came out in 1992 and was interested, but never tried it.

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Andrew K said...

I'm a Monopoly traditionalist -- nothing happens on Free Parking. That's all it is -- a place to park for a minute for free. That's what the rules say, so that's what I play.

I play "take no prisoners" style of monopoly. Ruthless. Bring on all challengers!