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Monday, June 09, 2008

Tag me

I appreciate the reviews and such I've gotten on Amazon.com. If you are so inclined, please go to the Devil's Cape page on Amazon and click the tags there that you think that are appropriate. Feel free to add additional tags, of course, but even just checking the boxes next to the tags you agree with would be great. I'd particularly like Devil's Cape to be one of the most recognized books under the "superhero novel" tag, for example, or "superhero fiction" or "urban fantasy."

If anyone is so inclined, I'd also love to see honest reviews cropping up at the non-U.S. Amazon sites, at the Barnes & Noble site, and at the Borders site, as well as pretty much anyplace else. :)

While you're at it, if you'd mark any reviews you agree with as helpful, that would be cool, too.

Thanks, all!

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