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Monday, March 10, 2008

Music for superheroes

"Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings. Shindig: dip, less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage. And hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny."--Oz, "Dead Man's Party," Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Three
My awesome wife is throwing me a party to celebrate the launch of Devil's Cape. I'm very, very excited and looking forward to it a lot. For some reason, I'm focusing on what type of music to play that night. Music from Louisiana would certainly be appropriate (hey, Joe, if you make it, can you bring that zydeco CD you played at your book party?), since the book's set in Louisiana. And I'll probably put on a pirate track or two (since the city of Devil's Cape was founded by pirates).

But I'm thinking that it might be fun to have superhero-related tunes. Here are a few that come to mind:

Geoff Johns gets mad props for an awesome caption on this panel from Action Comics #862
  • Theme from Superman. Duh.
  • "Believe It or Not"--yeah, it's cheesy as all get-out, but so am I, and I was a fan of The Greatest American Hero back in the day.
  • "You Don't Mess Around with Jim"--shout-outs to Superman and the Lone Ranger? Oh, yeah.
  • Maybe that new Heroes soundtrack that's coming out. I love Heroes.
  • Those cool theme songs from the 60s-era Marvel cartoons ("Doc Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays..."). Not sure where I can find those, but that would be cool.
  • Other superhero movie scores (not sure how many I really dig).
Here's where you, my readers, come in. What am I missing? What songs should I be playing here? Thanks!


Spork Boy said...

* Hero, from the Spider-Man soundtrack
* The Danny Elfman composed Batman theme
* Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
* I Need a Hero from Footloose soundtrack

That's all I have for now.
(I recommend ignoring hero songs by Maria Carey and Enrique Iglesias. That would bring down the mood of the party)

Rob Rogers said...

Good suggestions, Spork Boy. I already have "I Need a Hero" somewhere (I think I got it from a Shrek CD). I don't remember being too wild about Elfman's Batman score, but I'll give it another listen.

I'll check into the others.

Thanks, man.

Spork Boy said...

* Cheesy Batman theme
* The Incredibles soundtrack
* Captain America by Jimmy Buffet
* Flash Gordon theme by Queen. You may want to check out the whole soundtrack.
* Highlander soundtrack?

Or try this page.

Jerry said...

Is it too late to make suggestions? David Bowie's "Heroes" is one of my favorite songs ever, by anybody. It doesn't really have anything to do with superheroes, but it's an awesome song. I also second Spork Boy's "Flash Gordon" suggestion.