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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My Monday started off rather poorly. I was about to pull into the office and stupidly bent down to pull my badge out of my bag. The street was more or less deserted and I wasn't going all that fast (maybe 20 or 25 miles an hour). But I turned the wheel just enough and at just the wrong time to smash into the curb and the storm drain there. This had the unfortunate side effect of making my tire explode and bending the crap out of my wheel and hubcap.

Did I mention that this is my second flat in about a month? Or that the car has the unfortunate "feature" of hubcap locks for which I've lost the key? I had to have it towed to the tire place. And my back is still sore. Grrr.

At least I didn't have quite as much driving trouble as my buddy Jeff Hebert. Sometimes I think we were separated at birth. But Jeff, I'd like to amend your post. #2 should read "If the person looking back at you is Rob Rogers or Jeff Hebert, then you're an idiot driver."



Jeff Hebert said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about that, Rob, car troubles are such an incredible drag.

I understand how hub cap locks would have value in a high-crime urban setting, but like the spare-wheel locks on Fords, they just make life so much more complicated. I think car companies are determined to make it impossible for regular people to actually do anything to their vehicles, even something as simple as changing a tire.

I like that we're karmically linked, though, that gives me high hopes for the future! Maybe some of your writing ability will come down the Karmic Highway and settle in with me ...

Rob Rogers said...

You're already a highly entertaining, insightful writer, Jeff. Now if some of your art mojo could rub off on me, that would be pretty cool.

Spork Boy said...

Since this is a post about bad driving and car problems, wouldn't heading out on the Karmic Highway be just as dangerous? Granted, it could be more entertaining. I'd hate to see Jeff have something unwanted settle with him.