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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tip your blogger

For anyone looking to buy me that special something...

That Batmobile would look mighty fine cruising down 635...

I'm just saying.


Edit: I apologize that the link I included above currently also features an image of Harry Potter's butt (Daniel Radcliffe's, actually). However, it's cool that he's in Equus, a great play that I was in myself, in college (though not in the same role). If you've gotten to this blog by searching the Internet for "Harry Potter's butt," well, you're likely to be disappointed on many levels. But click the Amazon link on the right and buy something before you leave. Thanks.


Andy K said...

I donno, call me crazy, but my favorite Batmobile is the 1989 Batman batmobile. It was badass without being gaudy.

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks for stopping by, Andy. The problem here is one of generation. Detailed statistical information that I'm pulling out of the air concludes that at least 98 percent of my generation would prefer the classic 60s Batmobile to the one Michael Keaton drove.

Your generation, however, decided that baggy jeans were cool.