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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paging Dr. Suresh?

Is this Dr. Suresh?
I'm a big fan of NBC's Heroes. Cool show. Fun characters, fun concepts. I love me some superheroes. That's just how I roll.

Anyway, I thought I spotted something in last week's episode, "Godsend" (still haven't watched this week's show yet, although it's on my TiVo).

There's a moment about halfway through the episode, when Hiro is in the museum and slows time so that he can steal the sword. As he slows time, we see people walking around him, and one of the people--on screen for just a few seconds--looks like just like Erick Avari (Dr. Chandra Suresh) to me. I've replayed the moment and he *still* looks like Suresh to me.

Did anyone else spot this? Am I nuts?

I had trouble getting a screen capture, so high-tech Rob paused the show and took a digital photo of the screen.


Jeff Hebert said...

I don't know, Rob, I don't see it. I noticed the guy at the time I watched it, but I didn't think at the time he was Suresh and I still don't make the connection. Suresh is heavier in the face, with a more rounded head.

Like you I a) love "Heroes", b) don't know how to do a screen capture with anything but a digital camera, and c) haven't watched this week's episode yet (but have it on TiVo).

Rob Rogers said...

Man, we've got a lot in common. :)

It's just weird--I'm not sure why they'd have the couple seconds of him on there, with the camera focused on him, if it *wasn't* Suresh, but then, I'm not sure what it would mean if it *was* Suresh, what with him being dead and all.

I see the resemblance more than you do, but I'm certainly willing to accept the possibility that I'm wrong.

Spork Boy said...

Heroes rocks! But I totally missed seeing this guy in the background. I was focusing on other stuff. Take your question to the Heroes forums and find out.