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Sunday, October 15, 2006

DM of the Rings

This whole series of strips is absolutely hilarious, particularly to anyone who has played in role-playing games in general and D&D in particular. The irreverant take on The Lord of the Rings series had my laughing out loud. Very funny stuff.

Check it out.


Jeff Hebert said...

Great link Rob, thanks! I'm still laughing my way through it, a must read for any RPG fan.

Rob Rogers said...

Jeff, thanks for visiting the desolate wasteland that is Door Number Six!

Spork Boy said...

"This all halfling team we have here just isn't cutting it. We need a cleric."

Best line of the series.

"Yes, black dragons are powerful. So are level-20 fireballs, demi-gods, and huge mythic beasts. But there is no force in the game as powerful as the combined selfishness and apathy of your players."
I remember those days!

Okay, this comment is getting long.