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Friday, May 19, 2006

Um, guys...

I just noticed a story on Excite News (originating from the AP). It's about a comedy routine that Brad Garrett (best know as Raymond's brother Robert on Everyone Loves Raymond) performed during a gathering of advertisers for Fox, where Fox was highlighting his new sitcom. He made some jokes about Paula Abdul (hey, who wouldn't?), and the story, called "New Sitcom Start Goes After Paula Abdul," deals with that.

The odd thing is the image that accompanied the story. It's not of Brad Garrett. It's of Leif Garrett, fallen 70s icon, appearing bruised, battered, and in a bright orange "they're making me wear this" shirt at a court hearing in Los Angeles.

You'd think someone would have caught that. Other than me.

Here's the link, although I suspect it will be fixed pretty soon: http://apnews.excite.com/article/20060519/D8HN1SIO0.html

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