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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not sure yet if I'm digging those Bones

Just a quick post. I caught a few minutes of Bones this afternoon (I recorded the series premiere on TiVo) and will probably at least give it to the end of the episode, though I have my doubts about returning. It seems pretty formulaic--pat characters, dialogue that tries to be clever, but doesn't quite make it (although one line referencing Mulder and Scully was pretty funny, mostly due to David Boreanaz's delivery), and improbable relationships between police and other institutions. (So the main character is supposed to be the only forensic anthropologist between D.C. and Montreal? And the FBI doesn't have its own forensic experts? And the equipment at the institute where she works is not only incredibly top-notch, but also spread out into a dramatically large area?)

I might report a bit more after finishing the episode, but my favorite part so far was the novelty of watching Boreanaz walk down a sunlit street without bursting into flame.

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Mom said...

I have been reading the novels of Kathy Reichs who is the author of the books that "Bones" is based upon. If she isn't the only forensic anthropologist between D.C. {Charlotte in the books, and in real life} and Montreal, she certainly thinks she is. The character of Temperence Brennan is quite an accurate one on the show; her partner is not in the books. I find her character to be rigid and not personally very interesting in the books and, therefore, pretty much the same in the series. I am putting all my hopes in her partner and the supporting cast and I am going to give this show a longer chance. I really get the feeling that Tempe and Kathy are pretty similar and that many of the topics are taken from real experience. Mom