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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Waking up with the king

Okay, I know that this is hopelessly out of date, but I promised myself that, should I ever start a blog, I would have to make it an early priority to ridicule this ad campaign. Much as I enjoy the nostalgia of seeing the actual king from the Burger King chain again (I'd love to see the return of Mayor McCheese, too), I've got to say that the recent Burger King ad is majorly creepy. Okay, so you have this guy waking up in bed. He senses something odd, looks over, and finds Burger King--oversized head and all--in bed with him with a frozen smile.

Wouldn't this be terrifying to your average human being? I mean, it's got shades of Jason and killer clowns. I'd either run screaming out of the room (probable) or smash Burger King with the nearest solid object, then run screaming out of the room. I would not be tempted to have breakfast in bed with this looming monstrosity.

I'm not sure whether to giggle or shiver.

Anyway, someone has written about the commercial on Slate and you can even view the commercial there, so check it out.

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